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Mr. Laro lived in Hells Kitchen NY for many years writing and working. He now lives in Vermont on Bausch Lane Hill in a small town where he has completed both of his books.

Over fifteen years his novel 'delcina's tree' is now being sold and offered to ALL afro-centric talent and black actresses seeking quality roles for film. It is his hope that in time, the novel about a Jamaican tree witch from the Queen Nanny historical legacy, will find its way into the hands of those able to adapt the book to screen. 

''....young Delcina walked along a beach on Morant Bay and found a strange seedling staring up her from a salty puddle....'


With 'Delcina's Tree' & 'The Blarney Boys,' s.w. laro's novels are now available for first film rights to ALL producers and actors seeking red carpet material. Mr. Laro will also offer a novella titled, LITTLE JACK'S GARDEN due out in 2016 on Amazon!