This epic gem by the writer of the Exorcist is a must read! Blatty penned it post exorcist as a play then novel and became his directorial debut under the title, 'The Ninth Configuration.' The plot focuses on a group of mentally ill section 8's from the military, living in a gothic castle. One of Stacey Keach's best roles. Blatty's humor is all over this book and just for the record, he was a comedy writer in H Wood for decades before he wrote the Exorcist, after his mother died.

I urge everyone to rent the movie and experience a truly compelling fiction on screen AND in novel form. The novel is on Amazon with new cover sold as ebook. I prefer the original 70's cover versions, this being one of several. So, enjoy the read. If you dare to be a Rebel!   sw laro

Old Ravens...READ!

I suggest reading the novel, POSEIDON still in print and ALSO, rent one of the best 70's Drive-In Indys ever made, FREEBIE and the BEAN. They should have made a sequel and could do so today. One of the funniest buddy cop flix ever! Don't miss it..