Mr. Laro will do a reading of his book 'Delcina's Tree' on Aug 11th at 7pm at the Pittsford, Vermont MaClure library. He'll also be traveling to Portland, Jamaica on aug 17-24 on a book tour.


Who is the Hells Kitchen drunk known as William 'Bela' Smith? Find out when 'The Blarney Boys' is released this June, 2016!


By Will Gabin/'The Gabin Chronicles'
Format: Paperback/Blog book

'The Blarney stone is a place of dreams. An old run down gin mill rotting away in Hell’s Kitchen of the 90’s. In a time when renovation is the word, SW LARO creates a new type of story, one where fantasy and reality fuse together to build a climax that’s well worth the page turn. In fact, you can’t stop turning the pages.
Laro is a master story teller who has a special touch for the word. A must read!'
Will Gabin

'MOOJIE LITTLEMAN, should be the next memorable novel and film character, for audiences and readers nationwide! From Ms. Gregory's eye-catching cover to her easy style as our conductor, learning of the 'Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman,' is a magical journey into the life of an original fictional hero & a worthy tale in every way.  S.W. Laro

'Moojie Littleman is not just another orphan with extraterrestrial friends, he is not just a character who falls into a series of magical, mystical misadventures involving love and family. He is, above all, the most unlikely and powerful hero ever known.'            Now on Amazon! 

I love Delcina! How could I not love her? She has a childlike heart, but a wonderful fierceness as well. And the patois was charming, as I said in so many words in the review. You are a gifted storyteller. I'd love to do a blog interview with you in a few weeks!  Robin Givens/author  'Moogie'