THE BLARNEY BOYS (A Hells Kitchen Tale) is the second and final novel by controversial author S.W. Laro.  With the recent launch of 'Delcina's Tree' now on Amazon in paperback, 'The Blarney Boy's is a tale of brutal humor and redemption. 'Can three drunks and a priest survive a roadtrip to Vermont, in search of buried money?' But what they find hidden in the depths of the woods is more than the 'boys' bargained for.

Both of Mr.Laro's fictions use a hefty dose of dialog and combine classic theater characters with standard narrative form to drive plot. Highly memorable, potent story telling compel readers to ride along with the boys into the past of one William 'Bela' Smith and the horrible truth of who he once was!   Out in 2016 onAmazon and here ar! 


Dunbar 'Th' Mighty Thunda'bird' Clay

Chester 'Chet' Toliver

Louis 'Nutsy' Damiano

David Th' Tooth McWiggins &

William 'Bela' Smith,'   join a local Jesuit priest and fellow booze gobbler, Fr. Frederick Nabaret of St. Anthony's Church, from Hells Kitchen, NY.

Roadtrip begins this summer 2016!

THE BLARNEY BOYS now available on Amazon Books! July, 2016. A powerful urban tale of sin, regret and redemption!    by S.W. Laro

Carmella, the VW Splitty hippie van drives the Boys to the haunted woods of Vermont!     Click link to buy book!